Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy Adventures on A Cold Day

Okay, our adventures weren't really crazy, they were just ordinary errands and getting the car looked at but it's more fun to say they were adventures!

When Dan got home Early Thursday morning after driving in a bad storm he told me that the turn signal in his car was broken. I took that to mean that his turn signal wasn't working(which it wasn't) and that it was a little fix...he thought the switch was broken. He was right. I called and got the car in today to the mechanic and the multi switch on the car was broken. They got it fixed right away...which I am grateful for...and it didn't cost as little as I had hoped but not too much either, very thankful for that!

Well, after driving the car to the mechanic and leaving it there, we headed for the bank, and then my sweet husband put gas in my car...I hate pumping gas on a Frigid day and was so thankful that he did it for me. It's been in the single digits here in Missouri...and that's just cold. Thankfully the wind hasn't really been blowing to badly when we were out so with lots of layers on its bearable. And we all are wearing lots of layers!

The kids played in the snow today...this isn't good building snow but we have huge drifts around the house that are fun to stomp through and make paths....they were really cold when done but they had fun, and they got out a little bit of their cooped feeling. Janea and Jaron both are tired of being stuck in the house all day. It makes not only for long days for Mom, but they are just crabby.

So all in all it was a day of adventures...tonight its a yummy dinner and then hanging out as a Family! That's a good Friday!

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