Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

All day I have tried to think how I would start my blogging this year. Do I change it? Do I keep it the same? Do I add more pictures? Do I not use pictures? What to do, what to do??

Do I have an answer? NO, so I think I will go with the flow, whatever strikes my fancy, talk about the things that I feel need to be talked about. Vent if necessary too. It's my blog and I can use it the way I need it.

I've never been a good journaler. In fact I stink at it, I can write something every now and then but for some reason I can blog, and I do blog and I enjoy reading past entries and see how things have changed and ways that I have grown as an individual. It's also fun to read things about the kids then and compare it to the kiddos now. So I am embracing the year ahead. I am looking forward to the things that strike my fancy to write about. I look towards seeing if I can continue to post more in the year to come. My first year of blogging, I was okay at it. I started in late April early May and I had around 80 entries. In 2008 I had around 230 entries. 2009 ended with around 256 entries. This year I am going to try to hit the 300 mark for one year. That's not an entry a day, but it's a goal to keep this record of our lives.

Welcome 2010 to my blog. I look forward to seeing what is in store for me and my family in the coming year. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what God will do and what's going to be on the horizon for this year.

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