Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yes, Jaron?

I threw up in my bed.

You what?

I threw up in my bed and on a towel.

Are you okay?

Yes, Can I sleep with you?


2 hours later....


What's wrong?

I gotta throw up!

hour and a half later...


That was my night...Jaron got the stomach flu last night and puked in his bed. So at 2:30 this morning I was stripping his bed and washing sheets.

At 4 I was helping him again.

at 5:30 I was really hating my alarm clock.

I got 3 good hours of sleep and a few cat naps. Jaron stayed home today with Daddy since he was sick. Good news...he has kept down all things since this morning! Hoping the worst is over! His appetite isn't back yet but he isn't quite so pale.

I went to work...and boy was I tired. I am staying home from church tonight and hoping for a full nights sleep and that Janea and I don't get what he has or if we do we can wait until Saturday!

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